Market Rate/Subsidy Rate for 2018 is Out

We have just received the Market Rate that is effective June 30, 2018. *Be aware the ages do not align with Licensing Rule language. See the definitions for ages at the bottom of the third sheet.


Maine’s CCDF (FFY19-21) State Plan

We have posted links to the draft of the state plan and asked you to consider sending in your comment. Members of FCCAM Board and public policy committee have participated on a number of calls discussing the draft of the state's CCDF plan. Today, FCCAM submitted the following comments to be added to the public … Continue reading Maine’s CCDF (FFY19-21) State Plan

Parties engaged in early childhood education often reach out to FCCAM to support their programs or projects. Some we are able to directly respond to. Some we provide supporting information to. Some we pass information out to members and the wider provider community asking for responses. Recently FCCAM received this email: Good Morning, My name … Continue reading

Grant Opportunity!

We've just received this information on a grant opportunity that is open to Early Childhood Educators working with children birth-8​ who are interested in improving their outdoor play/learning environment by including more natural features in support of self-initiated play and child-entered learning. It is time sensitive with an application deadline of May 28, 2018.   … Continue reading Grant Opportunity!

Thank You!

In appreciation for all the important work that early childhood and out-of-school time professionals do, Penn State Better Kid Care program is offering a free online professional development module to early childhood and out-of-school time professionals. Following are details: Penn State Better Kid Care is offering a module, free of charge, in their On Demand … Continue reading Thank You!

Our Outside Play Yards

There has been a great deal of concern about the impact on the outside play yards of family child care programs with the Licensing Rule that went into effect 9/20/17. Concerns from providers and FCCAM were expressed to Licensing and the Health and Human Services Committee. Testimony was provided on LD 1661. The State at … Continue reading Our Outside Play Yards

Changes to Child Development Services (CDS) System are Ahead

Significant changes to the Child Development Services (CDS) System are ahead with adoption of LD 1870. The proposed changes means a shifting of responsibility for early intervention services for 3 - under 6 year olds (Part B) to our public schools. There will also be impact to Part C - birth to under 3 years … Continue reading Changes to Child Development Services (CDS) System are Ahead

Serious Injury and Death Policy

The Family Child Care Licensing Rule requires licensees to have a number of policies written out and clearly shared with guardians. A record that the provider has shared the following information with the child’s parent at the time of admission: a. Child guidance practices; b. Parental visitation at the child care site; c. Expulsion and … Continue reading Serious Injury and Death Policy