Transitioning from Part C to Part B

How Does the Transition from Part C to B Work? Transition planning begins when the child turns 2, intensifying during the last 6 months before the child’s third birthday. Transition activities include: Writing a transition plan as part of the child’s IFSP Holding a transition conference at least 90 days before the 3rd birthday Family and child … Continue reading Transitioning from Part C to Part B

CDS: Part B (ages 3 – 5)

Special Education services under Part B include: evaluations, development of individualized education plan, special instruction, identifications/eligibility, behavior consultation, and physical/speech and occupational therapies. What is the referral and evaluation process like for Part B? For children age 3 to school age 5, CDS has 45 days from the date it receives signed permission from the … Continue reading CDS: Part B (ages 3 – 5)

CDS: Part C Birth thru 2

  What is Early Intervention PART C? Children birth to age 3 are served under Part C. Focus is on supporting the family, as well as the child. Early intervention (EI) refers to services available to assist infants and toddlers who have Developmental Delay. Delayed development can be in the domains of social/emotional, cognitive, adaptive, motor, or … Continue reading CDS: Part C Birth thru 2

What is “Child Find”?

How many of you have heard of "Child Find"? "Child Find" is an important part of Early Invention. The simple explanation is: "Child Find" is mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), to continuously search for and evaluate children who may have a disability. The primary purpose of IDEA is to ensure that all … Continue reading What is “Child Find”?

What is Child Development Services (CDS)?

There always seems to be questions about Child Development Services (CDS). What are the different Parts? What is the process? What is the timeline? What is covered?........... Experiencing these questions first hand, as providers ourselves, FCCAM has gathered information we will be providing through a series of posts on CDS. These informational posts should support us as … Continue reading What is Child Development Services (CDS)?

Child Care is a Priority! National Call-in Day 5/18

Thanks to past calls to urge Congress to prioritize child care, we won a modest increase in funding for child care in 2017. But our work isn’t done. Congress is moving on to the 2018 budget, and we need to push for even larger investments. Thursday, May 18 is a nationwide call-in day, asking U.S. … Continue reading Child Care is a Priority! National Call-in Day 5/18

Licensing Rule Testimony

FCCAM's Public Policy Committee would like to share the letter of testimony we sent to be included in the public record in regards to the proposed Licensing Rule. The Public Policy Committee held multiple conference calls over the past few weeks following reception of the email sent to all certified family child care providers from Licensing. During … Continue reading Licensing Rule Testimony

New Licensing Rule Discussion

In support of Providers reviewing and discussing the proposed Licensing Rule, FCCAM has tried to gather resources into 1 place. Current 2009 Licensing : Rules for Certification of Family Child Care Providers Proposed 4/17: Rule Relating to the Licensing of Family Child Care Providers Maine Statutes referred to in the proposed Licensing Rule If you are a … Continue reading New Licensing Rule Discussion

Proposed Licensing Rule

We have been waiting on changes to licensing and this notice just came through email  from Janet S. Whitten, MSW, Children’s Licensing & Investigation Manager~ Dear Provider, Please find attached the proposed Family Child Care Rule, summary and principal reasons for proposing this rule, and information regarding the Public Hearing.   CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Rule for … Continue reading Proposed Licensing Rule

Why Affiliate?

Since providers started talking about the formation of a statewide association that was specifically for family child care providers one of the goals was to affiliate with a national professional association. It made sense that that association would be the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC). Why did the founding group of providers feel … Continue reading Why Affiliate?